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December 18, 2009

Why I’ll still raise a glass with my boys

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I‘ve been more steamed at government pronouncements, certainly.

Indeed, when it comes to assessing the Government Medical Officer Sir Liam Donaldson‘s recommendation that treating children even to small, occasional amounts of alcohol in a bid to defuse its allure be discouraged, Les and Brookston are far more vituperative.

I simply recall what the local undertaker told my father when he saw Dad and I in the pub one Sunday lunchtime, not long after my 18th birthday: “if your kids feel they can try alcohol in front of you, they’re less likely to pour God-knows-what down their necks behind the bike shed.”

Rightly or wrongly, those words ring more true with me than do the views of Sir Liam.

As does the conviction that when a Government declares a spurious conflict with Iraq to be just and proper, it can have no complaints if no-one takes a blind bit of notice of anything it advises thereafter.


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