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January 11, 2010

SPAM – time for a (very) Popular Liberation Front

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Just checked my email and can barely contain myself.


My name is Mr *****************. I am the Lead Portfolio Manager of ******** Investment United Kingdom. I have a business investment proposal for you worth £49,800,000 Million Pounds…”

By my reckoning, that’s 50 billion pounds to an Englishman; 50 trillion, I assume, to an American.

Either way, the kind of business proposition we blokes in semi-detached, three-bedroomed houses with a family saloon car out front, have to deal with every day of the week.

It strikes me that there’s a fabulous niche market here for people who’d like to be terrorists but don’t fancy the logistics involved.

Why not forget the West per se and simply target its spammer contingent? Declare war, holy or otherwise, purely on those who clog our inboxes and watch all that counter-terrorism and airport security hassle fade away like mist on a breezy morning.

Hell, I can think of one  three-bedroomed semi-detached you can call a safe house, right away.

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