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January 18, 2010

The whole world must stop for dogs

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Late for a blood test.

Half way across the park, I find a terrier busying itself in and around my feet, like a small ball of motorised tumbleweed.

“You need to stand still,” barks the woman who owns it.

I stop, he leaves. I start walking again, he returns.

“You have to stand still,” his owner shouts again, this time slightly with feeling.

Of course I do. I’m in a public place, minding my own business, being told what to do by someone whom neither employs, hires nor knows me and I must stand still so that she can carry on chatting to her friend without being troubled by anything so onerous as getting her dog under control. Or training it not to lose control in the first place.

“Sorry to be a nuisance,” I say, as her animal finally finds something else to pester the hell out of.

Either she doesn’t hear or the irony goes straight over her head.

It’s not an irony kind of town.


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