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January 27, 2010

Christianity? “Cross” doesn’t begin to cover it…

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Usually, I get mad at certain things in the newspapers and then move on. Julia Llewellyn’s piece on people who play at being Christian just to get their child into a decent faith school, however, takes me beyond anger and into a lingering despondency.

This is how it must feel to be the village harlot. Rogered on one side by those who despise our ‘imaginary friend’ and now banged well and truly up the rear by people with no more shame than character, who think His house amounts to a convenience store.

Churches and schools worth a damn, who weren’t prepared to take patronage at face value, might do something about this. A shared register of born-anew Christians, perhaps, that identifies those whose church attendance dwindles to zippo the moment Junior gets the green light on his first uniform.

Worst offenders get their names and faces plastered on the Web at

If you’re uncomfortable with this idea, well, plenty of other ways to spend your Sunday morning. Browsing Richard Dawkins‘ substantial website, maybe, where people at least have the courtesy to insult us from the outside.

And before you say it, even in these amoral times “I only did it for my kids” is no defence. Not content with being a liar, you’re now trying to hide behind a four-year-old. Sort yourself out.


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