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February 22, 2010

Erections: crisis, what crisis?

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It’s a part of the American psyche I can’t understand: so coy about sex on TV in so many ways yet happy to flood its ad breaks during sporting events with so many commercials on medication for erectile dysfunction you begin to wonder if obesity isn’t quite the predominant national malaise over there that we think it is.

A couple of a certain age begin a series of meaningful glances and suggestive touching while decorating their living room (yeah, DIY always gets me like that, too). The scene is interspersed with glimpses of burgeoning Nature, while he wears the relaxed smile of someone who finally has the tools for the job.

So accomplished is the ad industry becoming at capturing the intensity of unspoken middle-aged lust on film, it’s probably just a matter of time before the punchline goes something like “If you’re not getting a hard-on just watching this, we need to talk…”

Then, because this is America, after all, we’re bombarded with the small print just as Mr and Mrs Highly-Aroused head for the stairs, including this masterpiece of ingratitude that makes me wonder if the copywriter’s a woman:

“In the event of any erection lasting more than four hours, seek urgent medical attention.”

I suspect I’m not the only male fortysomething who’s seeking just one thing in the event of any erection lasting more than four hours.


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