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May 31, 2010

Finally, my Eurovision is 20-20

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After 40 years of tuning out the music and cocking a merely cursory ear at the transitory excitement of the voting process, I finally get the Eurovision Song Contest.

While Britain appears stuck in a musical timewarp (Pete Waterman, we now know, is no George Gershwin, although this puerile rant suggests he may need time to accept the idea himself) the rest of the continent has moved on, with Saturday’s array of songs at least offering some musical depth, even if the lyrics remain unlikely to change lives.

What really caught my interest, however, was the inspired use of modern technology to show a continent coming together. Big-screen rallies in city squares we’re used to but the webcam coverage from homes around Europe was a triumph.

Staged? Who knows? What I do know is that by the time of the brilliant mass dance routine with which TV padded while votes were being counted, I was gripped.

There will be times when this blog decries Brussels and the whole notion of a United States of Europe. Some of you will mark me down as a little Englander accordingly, unmoved by anything happening east of Dover.

So know this: there can’t be enough cultural exchanges, town twinning and trade treaties between European nations for my liking. My sole objection is to those idealists who would ram a one-size-fits-all governmental template down on a group of nations too disparate to bear it.

Saturday night, however, was the kind of European union that does work. And not a politician in sight.

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