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July 18, 2010

Moat, Mandelson and the blurring of lines

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So some 13,500 people like a tribute Facebook page set up in the memory of Raoul Moat. Seems they rather dig the martyrdom myth slowly snowballing around a man who took one life, and wrecked two more because the world didn’t quite suit.

You can, if you wish, put this down to a social media generation in desperate need of a life, whose brains are being slowly fried by their laptops, although 13,000 people is a lot to be so dismissively bracketed together.

But then you may like to consider this: two posters on a fly fishing forum (and fly fishing isn’t a sport lacking in people with their heads screwed on) talking about Peter Mandelson in the wake of his memoirs being published…

“Thing is, as much as I’d love to loathe the man, I just can’t. He is without doubt the shrewdist political operator of our times and as such I can’t help but admire him. Totally unflappable (even when confronted by Paxman), totally in control and fully in command of his destiny, even after all the scandal”

“Whatever you might think of him, in a world of dull pasty-faced political yoofs he does add a bit of interest”

This persuades me that we’re dealing with something rather broader than misguided dimwits when we behold the homage to Raoul Moat.

I fear there is now a genuine amorality at large in British society generally; a lazy, blinkered mindset that warps wrong into right and leaves it down to each indivdual as to where the distinction is drawn.

The red light of moral relativity has begun to flash. This will not end well.


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