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July 21, 2010

Chris Moyles, the rest of your life starts here

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Chris Moyles
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It was an epochal moment on Radio 1 this morning. DJ Chris Moyles‘ irritation (and I stand shoulder to shoulder with him on this) at the vowel-twisting, consonant-dropping urban patois in which Professor Green drenches his lyrics could no longer be confined.

You could hear it simmering a few months ago, when Moyles daringly took the mick out of Dizzee Rascal‘s diction but this morning the dam wall was well and truly breached. This morning, he fulminated, he raged, driven to distraction not by dialect but by lazy, sloppy speech dressed up as hip, uttered by people trying to be something they aren’t.

You can hear his rant here. It starts 1:45.30 in and ends at 1:47.00.

It is effectively a 90-second audition for a job on Radio 2.

I like Moyles a lot and will happily tune in to whichever station puts a mike in front of him. New contract notwithstanding, however, I believe we’ve just witnessed the beginning of the end of his time at Radio 1.

Welcome to middle age, sir.

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