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March 19, 2011

Jensen Button will be telling us he likes Pot Noodle next

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You’re a Formula One World Champion. Arguably the most handsome member of that select group that these islands have ever produced.

You’re articulate, charming, intelligent and loaded.

You could be spotted in any of the world’s most glamorous fleshpots, extolling the aesthetic joys of Dior, Chanel, Boss or Lauren and we would lap up every word.

So just one question, then.

What the hell, Jensen Button, is with the Head & Shoulders gig?

To put this in perspective, even I have used Head & Shoulders. It’s that common-as-muck. Where’s the magic, the glamour, or indeed, a decent agent when you need one?

I’m reminded of the statistical principle of ‘reverting to the mean’, whereby something that swings outside expected boundaries usually settles back at the mean over time.

With the British, it seems, no matter what chance we give ourselves to be something better, we somehow keep coming back to being just that little bit naff.


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