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March 20, 2011

From austerity measures to no-fly front-runners – did I miss something?

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Odd, isn’t it?

So bad is our national debt that not even frontline services can be spared from cuts. As for our young people enjoying the same perk as so many of our current MPs and being funded through university by public grants instead of onerous loans: forget about it.

And yet the moment talk of a no-fly zone over Libya hardens into reality, far from Britain hanging around all embarrassed on the fringes, holding out empty pockets by way of explanation, we’re committing ourselves to be at the very forefront of the operation.

As with Blair’s Folly in Iraq, money is suddenly no object.

But then, keeping your country’s infrastructure efficiently ticking over isn’t the sexy end of politics, is it? No-one notices your good works in that area unless you stop and even if they do, well, it’s your job, isn’t it, they shrug.

How dull and tiresome it must look alongside the chance to posture on the heady stage of global politics: playing soldiers with Obama, shaping history and frowning self-importantly in front of a zillion lenses on the White House lawn. Why be a politician when you can be a statesman?

Put that either-or in front of  the current crop of British MPs and its hard to imagine any of them not suddenly conjuring up a few spare million quid with which to fund their delusion of being a ‘playa’.

So make the most of this no-fly zone, folks. That’s your kids’ education up there, your law and order, your libraries. All sacrificed to our leaders’ shot at the big time.


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