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April 27, 2011

The PR exercise Max Clifford daren’t contemplate

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I could feel the lip beginning to curl yesterday, as Max Clifford talked Radio 5 Live through the implications of the topic du jour, super-injunctions, in the light of revelations over a BBC journalist’s affair.

“The best form of stopping these stories used to be anticipation; to make sure it never came out,” he opined. “To make sure that no-one found out or became aware.”

At first hearing, it sounded like the craven call of amorality, edging around the elephant in the room. Surely a far simpler form of stopping such stories is not having affairs in the first place? You either live up to your vows or bring a dignified end to a moribund marriage but you avoid at all costs becoming one of the wretched in-betweeners who opts to have his cake and eat it.

Then it occurred to me that I was being harsh, expecting Max Clifford to shoot himself in the foot. For isn’t there just a chance that if more people focused on doing the right thing over the expedient thing, he would be out of a job?


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