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June 12, 2011

Bruce Forsyth – a slip of the tongue or a damning insight?

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Let’s hope Sir Bruce Forsyth was just a little emotional and sloppy with his words when news of his knighthood broke yesterday.

Let’s hope that it didn’t quite come out as he meant it to when he described how the honour “makes me feel as though my life has been worthwhile”.

Because taking him at his word doesn’t bear thinking about. Especially if you’re his wife, or his children and grandchildren, a close friend, or one of the millions of people he so effortlessly entertained when in his pomp. Thanks for the love and support but quite frankly it means bugger all alongside having the monarch dab a sword on my shoulders…

And how on earth are the rest of us to cope? We who may never get within a thousand miles of a knighthood and have somehow deluded ourselves that aspiring to live for every day and in such a way that our funeral is standing-room-only was pretty much all we needed to make our time on this planet feel well-spent.

What mugs we are. No gong, no meaning. Who knew?

So yes, let’s just assume that Sir Bruce simply chose his words badly and does not in fact possess a sense of self-worth so brittle that a glittering career and the love of family and friends don’t quite do it for him when it comes to feeling “worthwhile.”

Probably for the best, eh?


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