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June 18, 2011

Royal Ascot and a right royal moral mess

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Sunset over Ascot Racecourse

Image by colin_n via Flickr

In the archive of Justice Gone Soft, file this one in the same drawer as policemen referring to gunmen on the run as “Mister” during media interviews, or prison officers asking rooftop protestors what they would like from McDonald’s:

“Racegoers have also been offered a drugs honesty box as they enter the royal racecourse. The single white box, which sits beside a security post at the gate to Royal Ascot, tells racegoers…’Please deposit your drugs here'”  – Racing Post

If you thought Thursday’s brawl was the racing festival’s odious lowlight, I’d invite you to think again. I’m sure  this gentrification of anti-social activity, politely inviting us to drop off our dope as if it were a coat to be left at the cloakroom, wasn’t the only example of mutton dressed as lamb these last five days but it was surely the most repugnant.

Perhaps Ascot will build on this ‘initiative’ in 2012 and appoint an official drug honesty box attendant: let him know your shooting-up time in advance and he’ll have a fresh needle and heated spoon on standby. Maybe they’ll streamline the whole procedure and simply stipulate an intact nasal septum as part of the dress code.

Sadly, the least likely option is that they will come to their senses and let the law of the land do its job, instead of pandering to those who break it.

One of the ironic beauties of a conservative approach to law and order is that it occasionally allows you to be more liberal than liberals themselves. A better country than this wouldn’t dream of patronising Royal Ascot’s smackhead contingent with an honesty box, for example. It would welcome them unquestioningly onto the Heath with open arms, subject to a simple understanding.

If they are caught in possession, then by the time they’ve been reunited with their family after three months inside and contemplated a career reduced to rubble, they will rue the day their taste for white powder went beyond anything made by Johnson’s.


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