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August 24, 2011

PC’s acid test: they’re not paedophiles, they’re “minor-attracted people”

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While I’m uneasy with World Net Daily’s indelicate bracketing of child abuse with homosexuality, that rather pales in the light of the rest of their report on the latest deliberations of B4U-ACT, an organisation that works with those sexually attracted to children in the state of Maryland.

WND reports that at a symposium held by B4U-ACT last week, speakers “promoted the idea that the American Psychiatric Association should remove pedophilia from the list of mental defects in its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.”

Pride yourself on your open-mindedness? See how these soundbites grab ya…

  • “Dr. John Sadler (University of Texas) argued that diagnostic criteria for mental disorders should not be based on concepts of vice since such concepts are subject to shifting social attitudes and doing so diverts mental-health professions from their role as healers.”
  • Another speaker “argued in favor of acceptance of and compassion for people who are attracted to minors.”

An observer at the symposium, meanwhile, was horrified at other themes that it developed: the unfair demonisation of paedophiles, an objection to the word “wrong” being applied to them and the idea that children are not inherently unable to consent to sex with an adult.

I don’t know if this symposium had a title but ‘Moral Relativism Comes of Age’ wouldn’t have been far off the mark. So what did you do at work today, Daddy? Why, I attempted to sanitise child abuse, darling. Now don’t go spitting in Daddy’s face like that…

The irony is that those at whom the symposium was aimed are in this line of  work precisely because civilised people regard paedophilia as repugnant: no exceptions, no pleas in mitigation. If that sits uncomfortably with the refined intellects mouthing the inanities listed above then they need to find a desert island where they can set up the la-la-land they apparently crave.

By all means, care for your patients or ‘clients’ as you no doubt insist on calling them. Analyse them and attempt to understand them to the nth degree but be in no doubt that you do so not because their psychiatric intricacies look good on your c.v. but because you’re charged with that task by a Society who wants these people controlled, restrained and cured – that’s right, CURED, go on, say it out loud… – as far as is humanely possible.

And don’t you dare patronise ordinary people for their revulsion, tut-tutting that old shibboleth ‘demonisation’ as if it were some gigantic roadblock to your doing a decent day’s work. You work in the public sector, you dance to the public’s tune and that public happens to have zero tolerance when it comes to adults who view kids as sex toys. Do excuse our primitive ways.

You’re not paid to destigmatise, folks: you’re paid to find answers to one of Mankind’s greatest evils. Do your job and save the sordid idealism for your own time.

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  1. “and that public happens to have zero tolerance when it comes to adults who view kids as sex toys. ”

    Thats the problem: pedophiles do not necesarily view “kids as sex toys”. Pedophilia is a sexual orientation. Like being attracted to men or women.

    If you are sexually attracted to women, say, you dont necesarily see them as “sex toys”. Its just your sexual orientation, something you didnt choose.

    Its funny to hear from heterosexuals that “pedophiles view kids as sex toys”, but when it comes to their sexual orientation, a LOT of heterosexuals see women as nothing more than tits and ass.

    There is no unique pedophile attraction, just like there is no unique heterosexual attraction. Every person attracted to children is different and have different feelings. But more importantly, it doesnt take a genius to realize that no one chooses to be a pedophile, and a lot of good, excellent people have this attraction that they didnt choose, but are committed to live in truth and dignity, as the motto of B4UACT says.

    Comment by b4uact — August 24, 2011 @ 12:25 pm | Reply

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