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September 7, 2011

Education? Its dun wunders 4 me

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It will hopefully turn out to be the college course of his dreams but yesterday’s induction day sounded more like the stuff of nightmares, when Older Son relayed its content to me across the dinner table.

As if the morning wasn’t bad enough – the idea of just getting to know people naturally as term progressed replaced with one of those ghastly contrivances where the class forms a circle and everyone has to relate one fact about himself to the rest of the group – the afternoon contained a lecture of no less than two hours on those twin modern deities of Diversity and Equality, the counter-productiveness of which was encapsulated perfectly in Older Son’s reflection that he felt slightly more bigoted coming out of it than he had going in…

Sickly motivational and feel-good posters all around the college completed his initial assessment of the kind of people who run the place.

But then, in fairness, time must hang heavy on their hands when the impeccable calibre of British schools these days leaves them with so little to work on by the time their mid- and late-teen intake shows up for class.

Just scanning the timetable OS has been given for the rest of this week, for example, I note that one morning will include a welcome speech from the college ‘Principle’ [sic].

I think I’m starting to see what the goal is with education in this country. Utopia will be reached when everyone, regardless of colour, creed or sexual orientation, is just as thick as everyone else.

And we’re right on target.

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