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September 25, 2011

How soon before X Factor just shoots the losers?

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The X Factor (UK)

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I know the tension must be ratcheted up each new season but there are ways and ways of doing it. And last night, The X Factor chose its nastiest way yet.

As if the producers felt that the humiliation of a deluded woman who clearly needed saving from herself wasn’t enough, last night saw the encore: drag 180 audition survivors from all over Britain to the ludicrously-named ‘Boot Camp’ in London and then immediately send a number of them back home before they even get to sing another note in the competition.

Turns out that the four judges were reviewing audition tapes even while the Boot Campers were unpacking their suitcases, to weed out those who “were never going to make it”. The fact that these were the same four talent-spotting geniuses who okayed these latest rejects in the first place was a detail sadly overlooked in presenter Dermot O’Leary‘s commentary.

It was a mean, spiteful stunt that didn’t care whose hopes it crushed or time it wasted in a bid to feed the hype machine.

And, assuming that it wasn’t his idea, Gary Barlow was the one member of the judging panel with sufficient clout to tell the production team that either they come up with a new ratings ruse or they find a new judge.

Only he didn’t. Barlow, whose tilt at being the new Simon Cowell is rather like watching Aled Jones try to play The Godfather, just looked sternly on and muttered inanities about it being a tough business.

I do like a man who never forgets where he came from.

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