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October 30, 2011

Motorway service finally delivers

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Think of all the scenarios in which you can imagine bargain hunters at work en masse and motorway service stations are unlikely to be among them.

The only commercial scenario in which these ‘hike’ houses are likely to feature prominently, let’s face it, is the  Milking a Captive Audience category.

So hats off, briefly, to the midland motorway service area that offers a bit of a killing to those customers who show up sufficiently late in the day, as I did on Thursday evening.

“Oops, we made too many…now only £1,” read the sticker on a range of sandwiches.

Customers were responding to this rare largesse with such gusto, it occurred to me that with the addition of just a single word, motorway services could be onto a real winner.

“Oops, we made too many profits…now only £1,” plastered on a far greater range of foodstuffs, could revamp the sector’s image.

But then, as the very same service station was retailing cups of tea for £2.10, it’s probably best we don’t hold our breath.

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