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December 3, 2011

Three ways to make the Lib-Dems a laughing stock (and one way not to)

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Deutsch: Logo von Liberal DemocratsAt this rate, it won’t just be policemen we’re tempted to ask about having nothing better to do with their time.

Last week’s leak of the Lib-Dems’ makeover plans would have been hilarious were it not for the fact that these people are supposed to be helping run the country. As a reminder of just how secondary the electorate’s interests are to politicians’ interest in self-preservation, it was quite sobering.

Not to mention an object lesson in how to make yourselves unelectable. A propos of which, here we go:

1.  Employ a ‘brand adviser’. Unless you feel up to making this country function half-decently, of course, in which case your ‘brand’ tends to take care of itself.

2. Focus on “short-term political expediency”. Or ‘gimmicks’, as it used to be known. So much more fun than all that tedious ‘vision’ and ‘joined-up thinking’ stuff.

3. Make sure everyone knows the way you’ve successfully handled all those hot potatoes that dominate the political landscape in these turbulent times. Like the abolition of slavery.

But there again, let’s cover all the bases here and assume that, all appearances to the contrary notwithstanding, Nick Clegg actually likes the idea of not sinking without trace. Now, the tactics become a whole lot simpler: he simply puts as many miles as he can between his party and its ‘brand adviser’.

One hike in the unemployment statistics for which I’m sure we would all be prepared to excuse him.

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