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April 17, 2012

Forget talking shops – this fan talks only language football clubs hear

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Excuse the cynic in me but there’s a reason I roll my eyes whenever football fans in the UK talk about ‘having a dialogue’ with their club or with the game’s administrators whenever there are rumblings of discontent. I’ve watched the way businessmen operate for so long that I can’t hear the term ‘fan forum’ without the phrase ‘peeing in the wind’ passing through my mind.

You really want to make a difference in the game you love? Then you have to take the one step of which too many fans seem scared.

You have to stay away.

Yes, I know it’s your club and you’re proud of that loyalty that goes above and beyond what its proprietors often deserve but you need to know that those people dance to one tune only. The bottom line.

Across the Atlantic, this man gets it. It won’t be the thinly-veiled scorn of his reply to a season ticket demand that registers with his beloved Cleveland Browns, magnificent though that is, it will be the sting in the tail. Withholding money.

Ten thousand other fans do likewise and suddenly it’s the Browns who’ll be wanting ‘a dialogue’ and at the earliest possible opportunity.

Thanks to Jay Flemma for the tip-off. Now watch and learn, people. Or nothing ever changes…


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