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April 26, 2012

Hockey hits also happen in the seats

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Stanley Cup, on display at the Hockey Hall of ...

The Stanley Cup is awarded to the NHL champion. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Don’t close the lid on that ‘special relationship’ coffin just yet. It seems there is still stuff that unites John Bull and Uncle Sam after all.

The publication of the kind of NHL standings that the league office would probably rather keep mum about, ranks all 30 NHL hockey arenas in the order of their beer prices.

At current conversion rates (all prices are apparently in $US) that makes top whack £6.16 a beer and bargain basement £3.87. Note that a UK pint is equal to around 19.2 US ounces.

From this not so much mouth-watering as eye-watering display of profiteering pricing strategies, it would appear that English Premier League football fans can take heart.

Their North American cousins are being every bit as royally screwed as they are.



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