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May 23, 2012

Criminal right to vote? You can say that again

English: European Court of Human Rights at Str...

English: European Court of Human Rights at Strasbourg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Different entities they may be but there’s a depressingly similar theme whenever the European Union and the European Court of Human Rights flex their muscles these days. A nonsense is made of democracy.

The EU? Its most vociferous opponents are still to be given a vote on their country’s place at its table. Pure coincidence, I’m sure. Then there are the Irish, made to vote twice for an EU Treaty until they provided the correct result.

And now we have the ECHR, which believes that one man, one vote is worth fighting for, as long as the man in question is a burglar, bank robber or murderer.

It is, of course, the most blindingly obvious consequence that when someone’s criminal behaviour spits in the face of the country that gives him a home, his right to any say in its governance should be temporarily forfeit. There is something so rational in this proposition that only the most gushing of bleeding hearts could imagine that Civilisation would be better served were it to be turned on its head.

Cometh the hour, alas, cometh the nitwits, prompting the suspicion that we Brits are ignoring the elephant in the room, as long as we focus on Greece and the question of  if and when it might default on its debts.

A more pertinent question, surely, is whether we should be contemplating a default of our own. For when those entrusted with administering the European Convention on Human Rights seem so hell-bent on blurring the distinctions between Strasbourg and La-La Land, maybe it’s time we were taking our ball home until common sense re-enters the building.

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