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June 4, 2012

Lib Dems and kerb crawling Westminster-style

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So we were wrong when we suggested Nick Clegg should resign over university fees.

Far from betraying his party by throwing a key election pledge under the bus, he was merely endorsing what we now realise is the Lib Dems’ unspoken motto – Power At Any Price.

How else, after all,  does one rationalise the discovery that senior party members are now strutting their stuff in front of the Labour Party, just in case Labour’s bed looks the one more likely, come the next General Election?

Forget all the sham camaraderie with David Cameron. Forget the fact that there’s a country to run in times that show little sign of getting any better. Forget the fact that after generations in the political wilderness, liberals might be expected to show a little more focus on the job in hand now that they’ve crept into government by the back door.

No, they have to think of power, first and foremost. Size up the next available punter, make sure he’s got the votes and then start turning tricks in the hope that he’ll be Richard Gere to your Julia Roberts.

As you do, I suppose, when you’ve spent years tarting up a plea for proportional representation as some great moral crusade, when you know full well it is merely the palliative for a painful truth – under rules that are the same for everyone, Labour and the Tories have won a sackful of elections outright while the  Liberals haven’t managed one in almost a century.

I think the Telegraph underplays it somewhat when  it describes this latest prostitution as a “headache” for Nick Clegg. It is a humiliation for a party which, even by political standards, is apparently devoid of shame.

[original image courtesyof upside of inertia; text added by Notepad on Life]

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