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June 13, 2012

Is this the way to respect, Tony Christie? Er, no…

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Simply in Love

Simply in Love (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I heard it. It registered.

Peter Kay‘s crack about singer Tony Christie during the former’s fill-in slot at last Monday’s Royal Jubilee Concert.

“The funnyman introduced Sir Paul McCartney by asking revellers at the concert who they thought was next, prompting one audience member to call out Christie’s name.

Kay retorted: “Tony Christie? It’s not happy hour at Center Parcs.” Huffington Post

Now, given that Seventies star Christie received a major and unexpected fillip to his royalties account when Kay indirectly revived his 1971 hit Is this the Way to Amarillo in 2002, I had thought he and Kay must be on good terms. I had visions of Christie hearing the playful dig (“savage”, HuffPo? Hardly) and laughing his head off. “That Peter Kay, eh? Wait ’til I see him…”

Not quite, it would seem.

“I don’t know what I’ve done to Peter Kay to deserve this. I can’t understand why he’d disrespect a fellow artist on such a beautiful and auspicious occasion. My grandchildren were watching and they were hurt. The phone hasn’t stopped ringing with family, friends and other entertainers wondering why he would be so cruel.”

What Christie could have really done with here was an agent savvy enough to step in while these sentiments were still being privately expressed and tell him gently but firmly that he should think long and hard before making them public. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to have one.

“The star’s son and manager, Sean, adds: ‘My father is an internationally respected artist who has sold more than 10 million albums worldwide. He’s never sang at Center Parcs. His next performance will be in St Petersburg for Russian President Vladimir Putin.'”

All of which only serves to diminish his father, not restore him. If I’ve sold 10 million albums and am next up in concert before world leaders, I’d like to think my self-esteem would be a little more bullet-proof than this. Whenever I hear some local radio nonentity making a passé crack about Celine Dion or Phil Collins, after all, there’s only one person I’m laughing at and it certainly isn’t Dion or Collins.

All right, it’s just another showbiz storm in a teacup but it is also a telling revelation of what slaves we can become to ego and vanity if we’re not careful. If Christie is yesterday’s man at least he had a yesterday and now, thanks in no small part to Peter Kay, he is having a rather better today than he probably ever dared dream of.

He should be better than this. Wiser than this.

He now has a lot of people feeling sorry for him. Probably not for the reason he would have wished.


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