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June 25, 2012

Veneer of the smart-aleck dented by Carr crash

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English: Photo of Jimmy Carr

English: Photo of Jimmy Carr (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Blimey, Jimmy Carr; was that the best you could do?

The man who does more gigs in a year than the Queen does official engagements, the man supposedly hardened by the no-prisoners-taken world of stand-up comedy?

Even with no guarantee of ultimate victory in the controversy over your tax affairs, surely you could have come out swinging with at least the semblance of a counter-attack?

Consider the sweet ironies at your disposal, after all. The Prime Minister, no less, moralising over conduct that breaks no laws. The very same Prime Minister who is forever assuring us that the cupboard is bare where university grants are concerned, yet can rustle up taxpayers’ millions at the drop of a hat when presented with the chance to play soldiers in Libya. A worthy recipient of the fiscal fruits of your labours, James, I’m sure you’d agree.

Then consider the rent-a-vent social media brigade, stoking up the outrage at your tax  manoeuvring, even as they eye up this year’s tastiest looking ISA or check the pamphlet to make absolutely sure there are no set-offs they’ve missed on their tax return.

Or perhaps you could have simply laid on the sarcasm with a trowel at your next gig and feigned remorse for the heinous crime of hiring a competent accountant.

But no. You freeze like a rabbit in headlights and trot out one of those pathetic euphemisms – “error of judgment” – that fool no-one. You, who can probably see off hecklers in your sleep, can’t even try to defend yourself when it comes to shamelessly not breaking the law. That, I have to say, diminishes you rather more in my eyes than do your financial affairs.

They can seem so smart, so perceptive. the modern breed of comic. Pontificating from behind a microphone and cutting down whomever they feel warrants the role as  this week’s Aunt Sally, regardless of the hurt they cause.

As noted here before, however, they’re not always quite so bright as they sound. And some of them, it would appear, are unduly desperate to be loved.


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