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September 19, 2012

African strikes sound better than ours

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It’s a very minor footnote in a very serious issue but as Older Son and I watched TV news coverage of the South African miners’ strike, he drew my attention to how good the striking mine workers sounded as they sang their songs during a protest march.

“If you’re going to strike, that’s how you want to sound,” he suggested.

You can hear a sample at the 15s mark in the following clip and I have to say I take his point. How lame does ‘What do we want…?’ suddenly seem in comparison?

The protest went from the moving to the mad not long afterwards, as we watched the strikers, most brandishing sticks or machetes, shuffle towards their destination. Suddenly, there appears in shot one miner who either can’t run to a machete or else is trying to make a class statement.

He is waving – I kid you not – what looks suspiciously like a 5-iron…


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