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October 3, 2012

Wake the $%^£”*& up – political debate is going down the toilet

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Is there anything politicians can’t cock up?

Get in touch with your electorate, we urge them: reflect their feelings, their concerns, their hopes and fears.

Their response is to reflect the worst of the society they are supposed to serve. The Andrew Mitchell saga has been done to death in the UK but just as telling on the breakdown of public civility is the tale of Philippe Reines, aide to Hillary Clinton, America’s Secretary of State.

Reine’s puerile treatment of a journalist in an exchange of emails is staggering. That he might feel this heated in private towards a member of a routinely bothersome profession is one thing but to go public in so foul a fashion in the  performance of his duties says a lot.

I’m assuming Reines is no fool, so the only alternative rationale for his conduct is that he is another ‘progressive’ who sees vulgarity as part and parcel of routine communication, even in the interactions of one’s working life. Those of us who don’t share his enlightenment, he presumably feels, need to get out more.

Sadly, puff-pieces like this will only egg him on. He is no “throwback” – that is precisely the point. Political bulldogs of yore at least had the professional self-discipline to keep profanity behind the scenes. There is something all too present-day about the way Reines doesn’t bother to trouble himself with such niceties.

And then there is Samuel L Jackson, enthusiastically playing his part in plonking political discourse in the gutter, albeit at the behest of the Jewish Council for Education and Research (yes, you did read the ‘Education’ part correctly) an organisation which cynically went  for maximum exposure for this pro-Obama ad by targeting Society’s lowest common denominator.

After I have a dream and Ich bin ein Berliner, comes “Wake the **** up…”

Politics was always a dirty business. It is becoming truly squalid.

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