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October 15, 2012

EU damned by latest jarring note

EU symbol 1 2

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Turns out the Great EU Jam Scandal, far from being new, has bubbled quietly away for eight years.

And it seems so trivial. Which I think may be the point.

Consider the economic hole in which this monstrosity and its ill-starred currency currently finds itself. Yet here we are talking about jam jars and their health and safety consequences. The rows of graves and litany of food poisoning outbreaks that might actually lend some relevance to this storm in a jam jar are, of course, non-existent.

Brussels fiddles while its empire burns. There is something almost iconic about the advisory line that the Churches Legislation Advisory Service felt it had to add to the circular informing parishes about the gist of the EC Regulations 1935-2004 and 2023-2006:

“You can reuse jam jars at home, and you can use them for private gifts to friends; what you are not allowed to do is to make jam, put it in reused jam jars, then either sell it or even give it away at a public event.

 “This looks like a spoof, but it’s not.”

And here’s the thing about the triviality of it all. Far from being too small a matter to hurt the EU, that very triviality throws the insufferability of its source into stark relief. Not content with costing us billions, it gets its nose into the most unnecessary corners of our business and devises problems where none existed before.

Meanwhile, perfectly edible dead fish are thrown back into the sea under the EU fishing quotas, while Third World nations starve. But hey, we’ve got the jam jar crisis covered…

The European Union. Looks like a spoof but sadly it’s not.


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  1. we often hear about regulating the shapes of cucumbers, but this is the first I am hearing of the jars. Thanks.

    Comment by mrcyriac — October 15, 2012 @ 9:14 am | Reply

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