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November 5, 2012

Good citizens? Politicians see only taxable ones

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Banner indicating a toll road

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I thought it was just some weary battle-cry of anarchists too old to get a grip on themselves, the lament that all governments exist only to squeeze their electorate dry. I was optimistic enough to fall well short of libertarianism, believing that a little government in all our lives kept us honest, calm and comforted; a bulwark against the occasional excess of private enterprise.

It has taken 34 adult years but that innocence has gone now. If spitting in the face of financial prudence over student loans gave me food for thought, the proposed two-tier road toll system has scraped the last traces of naivety from my rose-tinted spectacles.

“The proposal is one of several options currently being considered by ministers as part of a Government review of transport funding, which follows concerns that increased fuel efficiency could lead to a decline in revenue for the treasury.”

That’s right; the same grandstanding politicians who urged us to lose the gas-guzzlers and go green, would now punish us for doing precisely that. They don’t want to support the good guy, they just want to bleed him dry, whether good, bad or indifferent. And like a Mountie‘s bastard twin, they always get their man.

Did I mention ‘bulwark’ earlier? I was actually talking bulwarks.

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