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November 28, 2012

When penal systems go soft, the criminal heart grows harder

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Considering the uninvited guests she was inadvertently entertaining, she may be relieved that she was in a hurry when she interrupted a night on the town to dash home and collect her mobile phone.

In and out without switching on  a light, she made her way into her lounge, grabbed the phone from the table where she remembered leaving it and left. In the darkness behind her, the sound of exhalation was probably audible.

When she came home for good later that night and flicked the switch, she was met by chaos. They had turned the place over good and proper. And because going where you aren’t invited and stealing what isn’t yours wasn’t enough for these moral bankrupts, they had paused to twist the knife on the way out.

‘Good job you didn’t turn the lights on earlier…’ said the note on the table.

Next time you’re being invited to accept that giving prisoners voting rights and most of the comforts of home improves us as a nation, you might remember this story. Today’s criminals do not take such compassion as a prod to their conscience but as their cue to take a yard rather than an inch and to spit on whatever they deign to leave us with.

Today’s criminal has upped or lowered his game, depending on whether you stand with him or against him. Where once he dished out a good hiding, now he kills. Where he was once content just to rob, now he mocks his victim into the bargain.

And no-one eggs him on more than those who would appease him.


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