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January 18, 2013

Much more of this from Liam Neeson and the next thing taken will be his Hollywood visa…

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Liam Neeson as John "Hannibal" Smith...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Would the Liam Neeson of 40 years ago have dared go so much against Hollywood’s secular grain in pronouncing upon the sexuality bombardment faced by our children?

“I’d hate to be a kid now, because we’re all inundated with so much information about sexuality coming at us from everywhere — the media, the advertising billboards, just everywhere — and it must be so confusing for them,” he is reported as saying in an interview with the Catholic Herald.

“There’s a problem that if you become over-familiar with something it moves from the sacred to almost the profane. The act is very, very special, you know. It’s full of mystery and wonder, and I’d hate us all to get to the stage where we just treat it lightly, because it deserves more than that.”

You know what? Maybe we should just rejoice that someone is still man enough to come out and talk like this at all. What a breath of fresh air.

Although I suspect his chance of being the next James Bond may have just left the station.


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