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May 27, 2013

Cavalry arrives to counter Woolwich fall-out’s most ludicrous quote


Boris Johnson (Photo: Wikipedia)

It should be the soundbite that ensures Boris Johnson is allowed nowhere near high office ever again.

‘One obvious point, it is…also wrong to draw a link between this murder and British foreign policy’

If Johnson isn’t being the canny politician and saying something he knows isn’t true here, then he is even less bright than I thought he was. Thankfully, two correspondents have now put him in his place.

“Yet anyone who dares to use the words “western foreign policy” in this context is bound to be speedily shut up by the likes of Paxman and co. This isn’t because they have never heard of drones and Guantánamo. They are surely aware of the countless thousands of innocent civilians dispatched to their graves by western operations in the Arab world, for whom there are no floral tributes piled on the London pavements. It is rather because they imagine, in their muddled way, that to explain an event is to excuse it. Those who point to the dead of Iraq and Afghanistan are surely doing so as a devious way of justifying the slaughter of a young soldier outside his barracks.” – Terry Eagleton, The Guardian


“Last but not least, let us not forget the broader context of this mess and the responsibility of one particular war crimes suspect who is still free and roaming the world, making loads of money: Tony Blair.

We do not normally quote from newspapers in China, the world’s most active imperialist power, but the Chinese press hit the nail on the head by reminding us that the UK had turned itself into a target of revenge by actively supporting US-led military actions abroad. In the words of Guangming Ribao: “The UK has been actively involved in the US-led regional conflicts and acted as a vanguard to become the second target of revenge after the US for Islamic extremists.”

Now everyone, except the chief culprit, is reaping the harvest.” – Redress

We would have still faced terrorist threats even without the Charge of the WMD Brigade but I doubt it would have been anything like the pronounced menace is it is today. You wanted a ‘legacy’, Blair? Here it is.


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