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July 3, 2013

Allow me to slap McEnroe’s cricket jibe for a clean winner

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McEnroe at the 2011 USOJohn McEnroe took us all on a trip down Memory Lane in the first week of Wimbledon, reminding us that while he is one of the best TV analysts around and the kind of guy that I for one would happily have a few beers with, his propensity for boorishness isn’t entirely stuck in the ’80s.

He probably thought he had an easy overhead smash to make when his colleagues tried to cut to some cricket updates. Oh, Americans and cricket: wheel out those chestnuts, why don’t you? Games with meal-breaks? Ha!

(It’s food, John. Why the hell not?)

You play for five days and it’s a draw. Ha!

(It’s called nuance. You either have it or you don’t.)

Oh, that I had been standing to McEnroe’s right at the time and not Tim “Er…no…” Henman, because unfortunately for John, I am a little more conversant with his national games than he is with mine.

And I know this much. I’ll take a drawn game with meal breaks any day over a sport that has spent decades sorting out its post-season play and national championship contenders, not on the field but in a voting booth. And still can’t get it right

College gridiron football. Ha!


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