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July 8, 2013

When air guitar really blows…

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London Underground Poster - Personal StereoI’m guessing he’s an IT nerd from the office next door. The beard seems like an attempt to hide what’s left of his facial baby fat and his love of heavy rock may be a manhood accessory.

I know it’s heavy rock on his personal stereo because he either forgets to hide the actions or isn’t that bothered, no matter how full the bus.

Each  emphatic chord is mirrored by an angry forward thrust of the head coupled with a few fleeting seconds of ‘orgasm face’. The main passages of melody by a rapid side-to-side oscillation of everything above the shoulders.

And every now and then, the classic giveaway: left hand raised to chest level, right hand dropped to hip level and the fingers twitch on both. Air guitar, shorn of context.

If you could choreograph insanity, it would probably look like this.

Not that I’m going to tell him.





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