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July 26, 2013

Some people need to think seriously about civil funerals

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Death's gonna cold-cock you

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He was only 40, respected and liked and the last thing I needed as we mourned another loss to cancer was for the moment to be hijacked by someone for whom the word ‘consideration’ apparently extends no further than the end of her nose.

So his family were oblivious to the irony of having the funeral at a church, yet asking that it not be ‘too religious’? Bit like turning up at a barbecue and asking if everyone could keep the carnivorousness down but I let it ride. Many people’s disinterest in religion is a passive thing: they go with the flow without becoming part of it. I understand that. At least they observed the house rules.

Not so the young woman appointed to read out one of the eulogies. Bright and breezy in her opening remarks, I was looking forward to what she had to say.

But not this.

It’s just a terrible business, she declared, in fact it’s what [his widow] would call “a crock of s***…”

She then turned to make a mock apology to the presiding clergyman. Because that made everything just fine, of course.

She’ll dine out on this one, I’m sure. There probably won’t be a soiree goes by from now on without her mentioning the time she swore in a church. She’ll savour the gasps and laughing adulation and then smugly ask if anyone needs his glass filling.

Then again, maybe she’ll get what she deserves; someone smart enough to point out the flip side of the tale she just recounted.

Imagine half-a-dozen Christians turning up to a New Year’s Eve party at the same lady’s house. Without asking, they replace the music with a Gospel CD because they felt the mood was getting a bit trivial. They then insist that everyone spends the last half-hour of the old year and the first of the new in a Bible study session.

I’m guessing she’d have thrown half of them out before it even occurred to her to ask for help. “They come in here,” she’d tell anyone who cared to listen, “impose their ways on the rest of us without so much as a please and we’re just expected to sit back and take it…”

“Bloody Christians,” she’d fume. “Who the hell do they think they are…?”

And you know something, dear reader? I would be right behind her, throwing the coats of my fellow Christians out onto the street after them. Because she would have a perfectly valid point.

Who the hell do such people think they are?



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