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July 29, 2013

Recession or not, human life is one stock whose value keeps declining

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Can you hear the dripping tap?

First we had the Liverpool Care Pathway

“The Department of Health (DoH) in England set up an independent review amid fears the LCP was being used to hasten death, to clear beds and save money, and that patients or their families were not being consulted…”

Then we had an opt-out rather than opt-in organ donation scheme introduced in Wales, ensuring that once you die in the Principality, your remains could become chattels of the State…

‘If the Bill does not respect either the consent of the deceased or of their family, there is a real risk of this legislation backfiring as people feel pressurised by the state and withdraw from donation. ‘This would be a tragedy and needlessly put lives at risk.’

And now this: Ambulance drivers told NOT to take ‘death list’ patients to hospital …

“…critics fear there is a financial motive behind the plans – and official estimates seen by The Mail on Sunday suggest the NHS could save more than £50 million a year if it slashed the numbers dying in hospital.”

It is hard to avoid the suspicion that it is not only in the eyes of the mugger that human life grows ever cheaper. There are some people in suits, with important job titles and homes in respectable neighbourhoods, whom I would suggest aren’t all that far behind him.


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