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March 26, 2014

A better month than usual for politicians

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Firstly, there is Brandon Lewis, spelling out a few home truths to local authorities whose knees are all a-tremble at having to handle perilous apostrophes on street signs and so they decide to dump them altogether. Anything for a quiet life, even if it means the land of Shakespeare and Wordsworth looking like Illiteracy Central.

Not good enough, says the MP for Yarmouth:

“One of the spurious reasons for abolishing apostrophes has been the suggestion they may cause confusion for emergency services’ IT systems.

“If mankind can put a man on the Moon, split the atom and decode the double helix then I’m sure it’s not beyond the reach of 21st-century technology to have a satnav which can understand an apostrophe.”

And then there is a member of the House of Lords – whose name escapes me – who guested on Radio 4 some days ago to comment on the latest ditherings over EU referendum by a politician trying to look like he’s actually doing something. It was Ed Miliband this time but to be fair to the Labour leader, it could just as easily have been his Tory or LibDem counterpart.

His Lordship’s denunciation of such meaningless manoeuvring , however, was so on point that the label he used deserves to become a standard.

’Vicki Pollard politics’, he called it: yes but…no but…yes but…

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