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June 2, 2014

Hamilton & Rosberg – isn’t it enough that they are just good at their job?

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David Coulthard Red Bull Racing F1

David Coulthard in his racing days, driving round and round in search of someone to hate… (Photo credit: E01)

When we’re petulant, sulky kids, we get sent to our room and no TV.

When we’re petulant, sulky sportsmen, we’re praised to the skies and TV can’t get enough of us.

Am I the only one left slightly uneasy by the lionising of the spat between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg at last weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix?

“It is brilliant for Formula One,” enthused ex-driver and owner of the most impossibly square jaw in sport, David Coulthard. “It excites both the public and the media. It is not a good story that they hang out together, are great buddies, and share the winds. It’s a much better story that two team-mates, fighting tooth and nail for the world championship, are not getting on and that the tension is building.”

Oh, for crying out loud; really? You mean that if they just turned up, drove to their utmost and put on a great show, we would still feel cheated by the dearth of hissy fits?

Coulthard’s is not a unique viewpoint, but I do think it hints at something more sinister in people. There’s a reason why good is so often seen as bad and vice versa these days and it goes way beyond viewing figures.

We celebrate the bad in others because deep down, it makes us feel better about our own, ignoble characteristics. Maybe even gives us a free pass…

Certainly, I’d suggest the next person who pips David Coulthard to the last parking space on the block keeps his central locking on.



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