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June 3, 2014

I smell a double standard, officer…

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“The landlord hasn’t committed any offences with his ‘White family only’ sign, and when we went round and asked him to take it down, he said ‘fair enough’ and took it down.

“We spoke to him and gave him some advice, and were satisfied it was not intended with any sort of malice.

“It was, in his opinion, to have some nice residents in the area..

“But the reality of the situation is, it might be deemed to be distasteful or inappropriate, which it is my opinion.

“There was no criminal act committed, and we would have dealt with it seriously if there was.”

That ring true to you? No, me neither.

I’m visualising officers hammering at the offender’s door instead, giving him a thorough dressing-down – in front of cameras, of course, just in case their diversity credentials need buffing  up at a latter date – before leading him off for further questioning with the disgusted air of suburban householders removing a pubcrawler’s turd from their prize rose bed.

Yet when a ‘Just Pakistani Family’ sign went up in the window of a three-bedroom rental property in Nelson, Lancashire recently – rightly condemned by on all sides, it should be said – the police attitude towards it was as described above. A sort of chummy, arm-around-the-shoulder, “could we have a quiet word…?’ approach. The police officer as social worker.

I make just one point: if you want to de-stabilise any society, one of the best ways to start is to put the notion firmly in your population’s heads that there’s one law for some, and another law for others…


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