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June 10, 2014

Swearing as a fashion accessory is getting really old…

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kevin spacey

Kevin ‘how’s my f-word count?’ Spacey (Photo: Erprofe)

So now Kevin Spacey joins the usual suspects. I’m not sure even a Newsnight interview creates so much stress that you simply have to resort to profanity to express yourself.

“I’m never going to leave. It’s not like I am going to get on a plane and f*** off…”

And irony of ironies, this paucity of  vocabulary is brought to you by the ‘Artistic Director’ of the Old Vic, no less. By which standard some of the teenagers behind me on the bus yesterday should be immediately shortlisted for the next Poet Laureate.

I’m a big Spacey fan but why do they do it? Julia Louis Dreyfuss is another potty-mouthed thespian. Beautiful until she opens her gob.

And the sad thing? I genuinely believe they see it as their crowning sophistication…



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