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July 31, 2014

Ken Clarke – out of Government, sadly not out of earshot

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English: Ken Clarke

English: Ken Clarke (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Drivel of this magnitude will hopefully become less common now that Ken Clarke has been shunted into the sidings of British politics but the old windbag sadly seems to insist on going down fighting:

“David Cameron is “taking a gamble” on the future of the UK by allowing the referendum on Scottish independence, a Tory Party heavyweight has said.

Ken Clarke, who first became a Tory minister in 1972 when Cameron was six, has criticised the September 18 poll to decide whether to end the UK in its current form, saying the issue is too important for a one-day vote.

In an interview with The Sunday Telegraph, Clarke said: “Referenda are always a gamble.”

“To have big complicated questions decided by one vote on one day is not as good as a continuous process of parliamentary debate,” the long-term minister said.”

Ken, the one-day thing only refers to the act of voting. The people of Scotland have had months, if not years to mull over what they feel is best for their country. Your ‘snap-judgement’ analogy just doesn’t make sense.

Your belief that the views of the Great Unwashed are a poor second to “a continuous process of parliamentary debate” (ie endless fudging of a discussion that goes nowhere and takes forever to do so) on the other hand, fits perfectly with a chronic Europhile, for whom the idea of referenda – ordinary people …gulp… actually getting a say – is probably like sunlight to a vampire.

As the comedian Bill Cosby once observed, there’s nothing worse than someone  who says goodbye and then doesn’t leave. Don’t be that man, Mr Clarke. You’re done.


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