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November 1, 2014

After a chicken**** week for the Left, a plea for grown-up politics

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If this is ‘progressive’, you can keep it.

A representative of the President of the United States of America denounces another head of state as “chickenshit” in a public forum (we must admire Team Obama’s consistency, if nothing else) and now a Labour front-bencher this side of the Pond rolls up in the Houses of Parliament wearing a T-shirt that bears the legend This is what a feminist looks like, amid a ridiculous spat over whether the Prime Minister should have worn one for the benefit of the cameras.

Labour, too, has ‘form’ when it comes to dress wholly inappropriate to the occasion. When your outlook on life is of the liberal, anything-goes variety, I suppose it’s inevitable that you see the word ‘standards’ as referring simply to a pile of London newspapers.

When it comes to the tiresome collision between gesture politics and social media, on the other hand, is it too much to ask that supposed grown-ups move beyond it?

“Wear my T-shirt or me and my mates will slag you off on Twitter”. It’s rare that I praise the Prime Minister but his refusal to join in with this tosh is commendable. The man has a country to run, for goodness sake. Judge him by his policies and the execution thereof if you’re concerned about his attitude to women, not by the wearing of some silly T-shirt.

What have things come to when, whatever your hopes as to which party wins the White House or Number Ten next time around, they take second place to prayers that it will consist of adults with a firm grip on the word ‘statesmanlike’ and what it entails?


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