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May 20, 2016

Pat Glass and a transparent geography lesson

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It isn’t the first part of Pat Glass’s Gordon Brown impersonation that should bother us.

Maybe Labour’s Minister for Europe was wide of the mark when she dismissed the grumblings of a Derbyshire resident about a local Polish family on welfare, as those of “a horrible racist”.

And maybe she wasn’t.

I would want to hear the conversation on which she was overheard reflecting before I formed an opinion.

Not even the unfortunate echo of Gordon Brown’s private comment that wasn’t, while Prime Minister in 2010, however, trumps the second half of Glass’s faux pas, in which she revealed that her indignation was such that, “I’m never coming back to wherever this is.”

“This”, it turns out, was the village of Sawley, in south-east Derbyshire; the birthplace (unless Wikipedia is seriously losing the plot) of Halle Berry’s maternal grandmother. If its current residents lament Ms Glass’s dismissive tone, they can be assured that anyone else learning of this episode will share their exasperation, whether it’s Totnes or Tadcaster that he calls home.

For all their professed concern for us, we are just voting fodder in the eyes of our elected representatives, particularly those who have begun to set sail up the Westminster career ladder. Just numbers in a poll, segments on a chart.

If their presence on our doorstep only at election time, or Gordon Brown’s pathetic hypocrisy six years ago, hasn’t made this penny drop for you so far, the blasé Pat Glass will surely help the process along.


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