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April 22, 2018

Windrush puts immigration concerns back on the naughty step. Thanks, Government…

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Not being an economist, I can’t opine on the Government’s handling of the economy (although I have my suspicions).

I can, however, see what a pig’s ear they are making of the immigration issue.

It should have been very simple. Implement the Brexit for which a majority voted and restore three simple criteria to future immigration levels – reasonable, manageable, absorbable.

But oh no; our rulers had a better idea. Stupid gimmicks with message boards on lorries and now this; cack-handedly targeting sons and daughters of the Caribbean, because that’s been the focal point of all our immigration concerns these last 10 years, of course.

Whoever is responsible for the Windrush debacle, Tories or Labour, its legacy extends beyond frightened people, unsure of their future, with whom this country needs to make its peace as a matter of urgency.

“Immigration”, you sense, is once again a dirty word, to be mentioned publicly only by rude, callous people. That, certainly, is the feeling I get reading Oliver Kamm’s column for CapXBritain must learn the right lessons from the Windrush fiasco.

You can normally rely on CapX to be the quiet voice of reason, picking its way constructively through the knee-jerk bellowings of the mob. Kamm stays true to this until his final paragraph; a whitewashing generalisation that reads more like the stuff of propaganda.

“Immigrants are enterprising people whose ambitions extend beyond their countries of origin. The controls on their entry to Britain are not too loose but far too tight. To their shame, politicians of all parties, but especially the Conservatives, have preferred to avoid this truth for fear of media execration.”

All immigrants, Mr Kamm? Including those who arrive with a view to introducing a flavour of the Middle East to the UK (and I’m not thinking of Lebanese restaurants here)? Those eastern Europeans seen staggering around my home town from time to time with open bottles in their hands before it’s even 10am? That’s not meant in a holier-than-thou way, incidentally: my own country is sadly all too capable of producing its own, indigenous deadbeats, so I fail to see why we should be importing deadbeats from overseas.

As for Kamm’s next sentence; not more immigration controls, but fewer… Either he is one of those uber-liberal dreamaday Jills, who sees a world without borders, where nation-states give way to a brotherhood of man, or – as I think more likely – he falls into the same trap as LBC’s James O’Brien, who generally fights his corner well yet seems incapable of viewing Brexit or immigration through anything other than the prism of commerce. More bodies filling more jobs, paying more taxes: what’s the problem?

Immigration has a social as well as an economical aspect, however, and it matters. Since he was painting mammoths on cave walls, Man has been tribal, and every tribe needs a camp. In these more sophisticated times, those camps are open to newcomers from elsewhere, and most of us welcome the variety of faces and viewpoints they bring. Swamp any camp with an ongoing free-for-all, however, to the point where reasonable people start to think that it doesn’t feel like home any more, and you have a recipe for social tension. The UK isn’t there yet but I believe it is en route.

Reasonable, manageable, absorbable. Not so much a Nazi mantra as the voice of common sense.

Windrush is a mess that needs sorting, but so is the UK’s current immigration situation. Liberal white guilt must not blind us to that.


[Oh dear; this came a bit too late, it seems, for a hyper-ventilating Stewart Lee…]


January 27, 2017

O Canada – sexual assault exposes West’s ‘terminal niceness’

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Pic courtesy of Harlow Heslop

Countless women descended upon Washington DC last weekend, determined to prove that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned by the electoral college system. They’re not backwards in coming forward, women nowadays, be it the marchers, the breast-barers, or the actors with a cause.

I just wish they’d mobilise with equal fervour when it really matters. When a 14-year-old Canadian schoolgirl is sexually assaulted, for example, only to have it put to her afterwards that she needs to cut her assailant some slack.

This latest tale of bleeding-heart madness is said to have begun at what should have been a happy occasion: a high school dance at Fredericton High School, New Brunswick.

“Speaking on condition of anonymity, the girl’s mother said two Syrian students attempted to grind with her daughter at the dance, before one of them began groping her breasts and forced his hand inside her underwear, touching her vagina.” – from The Daily Caller

If the poor girl thought the worst of her ordeal was behind her once her attacker backed off, she could have been forgiven for wondering who was the villain here, once the school’s victim support kicked in.

“…vice-principal, Elaine Kilfillen, worried that the alleged attacker “will become a target in our student population once the rumor mill gets going.” The girl’s mother claimed that school officials encouraged her daughter to understand the alleged attacker’s perspective and consider the effect her clothing may have had.” – ibid. [point of order here – if she’s allowed to remain on school premises in unsuitable clothing, Fredericton High; that one’s on you]

The culprit, who denied the accusation, was suspended for one week. His victim, whose own ‘sentence’ will probably last rather longer, should the allegation be true,  is in therapy.

This account comes from just one or two secondary news sources (disturbingly, a possible reason for this is suggested at the foot of this post) so a cautionary note must be sounded. Should the story be solid, however, then it would be the latest recurrence of a familiar pattern. The Mail on Sunday columnist Peter Hitchens speculated for some time over what would happen when political correctness towards women collided head-on with political correctness towards Islam. Slowly but surely, we are beginning to find out. Islam wins.

Oh-so-enlightened Western civilisation makes all the concessions, and what passes for civilisation in parts of the Middle East presses on gleefully through the doors we hold open.

The school’s reported attempt at compassion ensures only that there will be more emboldened young men, more attacks, and more traumatised young women. Former muslim Nabeel Qureshi sets out here (starting at the 3:55 mark) exactly where this misguided approach is destined to lead us.

“I think the term that’s being used for it…is ‘terminal niceness’. We’re being so nice and politically correct, to things that are willing to rip us apart, that it will be the end of us.”

As I write, meanwhile, Emma Watson’s Twitter feed makes no mention of Fredericton, and the town’s edition of the Washington march appears to have had eyes only for a caucasian male with bad hair.

And on the theme of ‘familiar patterns’ – if this tweet is true, then this is another one…

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