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December 21, 2016

Cop this plea – there’s no degree in ‘streetwise’

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Pic courtesy of Police-Mad-Liam

It’s hard to pick highlights in Peter Hitchens’ latest excellent Mail on Sunday column, but vested family interest leads me to the last item, on the misguided plan to make university degrees mandatory for would-be police officers.

“Graduates spend the first ten years in any job discovering that they don’t, in fact, know everything, while the non-graduates roll their eyes in despair,” writes Hitchens. 

“What police officers need is not a certificate, but the common sense that comes from years of friendly contact with the people they serve.”

I shudder to think how many potentially excellent policemen and women will now never materialise because of the fashionable yet flawed belief that only higher education can unlock a young person’s potential. What a slap in the face for those myriad ‘failures’  who left school with nothing, only to become rip-roaring successes once they were set free to engage a world beyond Academia.

It’s just not everyone’s bag, the life of dissertations and doctorates. There are people whose talents lie in their hands, in hand-eye co-ordination, or in tackling real problems instead of the more abstract variety. If that means three years in the University of Life then they should be allowed to get on with it, not erroneously pigeon-holed just to keep the quota brigade happy.

We don’t need spectacular double-firsts from our police. We need street-savvy, impeccable people skills and an air of mild intimidation that can, when warranted, be fully backed up by the judicious use of brawn. And you don’t learn those qualities over cappuccino in some junior common room.

As for how the whole thing might yet backfire on those who dreamt it up, meanwhile, just Google ‘university’ and ‘snowflakes’, and brace yourself for the day when our boys in blue ask if they can sit this particular riot out because they’ve been ‘triggered’.



December 18, 2016

Corrie McKeague – might you know anything…?

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Doing the rounds on Facebook:


“This photo, if you knew already, would need no words. For those of you who don’t, [the top picture shows] Nicola Urquhart. She’s a police officer from Dunfermline, Scotland. What she was doing today was look for her son. A clue as to where he is, or, more likely, his body. Corrie McKeague is his name. He’s the RAF serviceman I’ve shared posts about. My previous posts probably didn’t evoke much emotion. But, look at this one, please.

“This mum is searching forest undergrowth for her child. Her baby boy. Though an adult, he’s her baby still. He will always be her baby. He’s been gone 11 weeks now. It’s almost Xmas. He disappeared at the end of September. An innocuous night out. He walked into an area behind shops, out of view of CCTV, and has not been seen since. He couldn’t leave on foot without being seen. So, theories racing around, a vehicle was used. Either voluntarily or not, Corrie is no longer in that area he was last seen. His phone last received signal in an area north west of the town. His RAF base a completely different direction.

“This mum is searching…anywhere, everywhere, for her boy. Her beautiful son, who’s been serving our country. This photo, is why I’ve been sharing posts, asking everyone to join, share and donate. There’s a man of 23 out there. Somewhere. He should be at home now in Scotland on service leave for Xmas, but he’s not- he’s missing. His mum is exhausted, cold, desperate. She needs you. Everyone. Join the group, share the posts, and donate a quid if you can. Police resources are limited due to government cuts. SULSAR, the Suffolk area search and rescue, have been looking for Corrie for weeks. They led today.

“Look again, at the photo. Nicola. A mum, police officer, woman. Searching for her baby. Please help. Someone might see a post you share and have the answer to this mystery. Scenario we want is he’s safe and well but been held. Or he’s hurt but okay. Failing that, and, after this time, more realistically, he’s been knocked down and been left somewhere in the Bury St Edmonds area of Suffolk. There are different theories; different degrees of criminality. The worst we can all imagine. It doesn’t need to be said.

“Look at this photo. Corrie is her boy, on a night out who’s disappeared. It could be one of us parents looking for our child instead. You’d want everyone to help in ANY way. A tweet. A share. A pound.

“This photo could be you.”

💙 #FindCorrie

June 9, 2014

Judge David Griffith-Jones QC is now The Enemy Within

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Another day, another judge in the hall of shame at The Enemy Within, my roll-call of men, women and madness bringing Britain to its knees.

Do make sure you take a look at the face of the poor elderly lady so abysmally served by this institutional do-gooder. You won’t be able to bring yourself to look for long but look you must.

Is this really how you envisaged serving Society during all those long, idealistic days poring over law books at university, your Honour?


June 4, 2014

This just in from the Parallel Universe…

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Cow Manure Fetish Man Jailed For Five Years

March 12, 2014

So much more satisfying than ‘Beware of the Dog’

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March 5, 2014

War on Terror may be due for re-branding

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English: Montage of the War on Terror. Svenska...

Montage of the War on Terror. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So this is where we are, as a line is finally ruled beneath the horrific tale of Lee Rigby.

Hiding, cowering in our own country.

“Scotland Yard issued the warning at Cavalry Barracks in Hounslow, West London, after learning that fanatics in the area supported the horrific killing. Police, who have stepped up patrols of nearby streets, told Army bosses: “We request that military personnel remain vigilant and take appropriate steps to avoid drawing attention to their status as members of the armed forces…

…the Ministry of Defence said it temporarily banned Army uniforms in some public places because of the threat.” – from the Daily Mirror

Which is, of course, music to the ears of the enemy in our midst. Personally, I think a better message would have been to insist that uniforms are mandatory off-base during the working week and will henceforth include a discreetly-placed firearm. Whatever happened to Col. Tim Collins‘ famous words, “The ones who wish to fight, well, we aim to please.”?

The gung-ho approach isn’t my thing but I do believe there comes a point at which the mitherings of caution begin to make a casualty of morale. And when the War on Terror becomes a Retreat from Terror, Lee Rigby and his fallen comrades overseas have died in vain.

January 3, 2014

Mirror late to the party on Brady mindset, surely?

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An early candidate for Biggest So-What? Headline of Year. Compared to his other psychological problems, I’d say Ian Brady’s encounter with dementia is page five news at best.

So we may never know where the last undiscovered victim is buried? I’ve feared that was a given for some time. Perpetuating a secret that has tantalised a nation also perpetuates this wretched man’s macabre celebrity and I sense that he would regard taking that secret to the grave as the playing of his final ace.

We can only live in the forlorn hope that he forgets himself so much, he spills the beans regardless.

December 3, 2013

Burglary and trauma deferred

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So now we know the full cost of our house being burgled early this year. £100 excess at the time plus a £150 hike in our insurance premium for 2014.

If there was such a thing as a National Karma Executive, my first task tomorrow morning would be to order one anal prolapse and a plague of rats.

August 19, 2013

God v Mammon – fight stopped round 3…

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Not even a month into the school summer holidays and kids offended by claims that they don’t know what to do with themselves the minute you take their Xbox away, decide to prove that they do.


November 28, 2012

When penal systems go soft, the criminal heart grows harder

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Português: Uma cela moderna em Brecksville Pol...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Considering the uninvited guests she was inadvertently entertaining, she may be relieved that she was in a hurry when she interrupted a night on the town to dash home and collect her mobile phone.

In and out without switching on  a light, she made her way into her lounge, grabbed the phone from the table where she remembered leaving it and left. In the darkness behind her, the sound of exhalation was probably audible.

When she came home for good later that night and flicked the switch, she was met by chaos. They had turned the place over good and proper. And because going where you aren’t invited and stealing what isn’t yours wasn’t enough for these moral bankrupts, they had paused to twist the knife on the way out.

‘Good job you didn’t turn the lights on earlier…’ said the note on the table.

Next time you’re being invited to accept that giving prisoners voting rights and most of the comforts of home improves us as a nation, you might remember this story. Today’s criminals do not take such compassion as a prod to their conscience but as their cue to take a yard rather than an inch and to spit on whatever they deign to leave us with.

Today’s criminal has upped or lowered his game, depending on whether you stand with him or against him. Where once he dished out a good hiding, now he kills. Where he was once content just to rob, now he mocks his victim into the bargain.

And no-one eggs him on more than those who would appease him.

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